Frequently Asked Questions

General Order Information

  • How does our custom writing service work?

    You can visit "How It Works" page in order to find a more detailed explanation of our features, as well as a step-by-step explanation and a quick video guide.

  • How do I fill out an order form?

    You can find two types of order forms on our website ‒ a short one and a more extended one. The short order form is located on the main page. Once you fill it out, click the "Continue" button which will take you to the extended order form. If you do not have an account, it will be automatically created by the system. You will receive an email containing you password. Note that this password can be reset and changed to any combination of signs and numbers during a later stage, when you create your account and fill out your personal information on your account page. Using the extended order form, you can choose two types of deadlines: the one for your order to be completed, and the other one to specify the date by which all writers interested in your order should place their bids and complete a one-page preview of your paper. All additional materials to be used by the writer should be added at this point. Do not forget to specify important requirements for your paper, if any. Visit "How It Works" page to learn more and to watch a video tutorial.

  • Is it possible to send my articles and materials to the writer?

    You are able to attach files to your order, including a draft version of your paper, an outline, or any other type of material when you complete the order form.

  • What is the format of the custom paper I will receive?

    Several formatting styles are available for you to choose from depending on your paper requirements. Select APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard or Not applicable when you initially place an order. If your paper does not need to be formatted, please select the "Not applicable" option. This will allow you to receive your paper as a plain MS Word document.

  • What if I forgot my password?

    If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link under the login button on the log in page.

  • Is placing an order with your website free?

    Submitting an order is completely free. Fill out an order form and let the writers know what type of paper you need; then allow them to complete a free one-page preview of your paper. Check their writing skills and choose the writer that suits you best. After having selected your writer, you may deposit the necessary funds to your balance for your order.

Order Completion

  • When will my paper be finished?

    When completing the order form, select a due date by which you want your paper to be completed. Your paper will be submitted by this initial date unless you specify a new deadline during later stages. Note that it is highly recommended to inform your writer if you change your deadline to a, earlier one, since a certain amount of time is needed to cope with your order, and the writer may have a tight schedule and heavy workload.

  • How will I receive my paper?

    Once the writer receives payment for the entire order, you may download your paper in a MS Word format or a .pdf format. Use the corresponding buttons, which will appear on your personal order page, to download the file you need and save it to your computer.

  • Can I modify my initial order requirements?

    After the order is placed and the writers begin applying for it, you can still modify your order requirements. Click on the "View\Edit" button in the upper right corner of your order page to change your order details concerning the number of pages, the title, or the instructions for your paper. However, note that if you modify the title, the number of pages, or the deadline, all writers' bids are automatically considered outdated. In order to modify your instructions at a later stage, you will need to discuss this issue directly with the writer assigned to work on your order.

  • What should I do if I don't like my essay?

    If you notice that the work the writer performs does not meet your requirements, you should discuss this issue with the writer in the chat line immediately so that the writer can correct and edit the paper at the initial stage. Communication via chat provides you with a timely opportunity to let the writer know how you want your essay to be written. As a result, sections or aspects of the essay you are not satisfied with can instantly be revised. However, once the paper is completed and the writer receives full payment for it, the status of the order is changed to "Finished". That means you no longer can request the writer to edit or revise the paper within this order. If you still want to change some details in your paper, you can place an order to request the editing or rewriting type of service. Such services will cost less than writing a paper from scratch.

  • What is a rewriting and editing service?

    When your order is listed as featured, it will appear on top of all available orders, which gives it more chance to be noticed by writers; consequently, more skilled writers will place their bids to work on your order. This will help your order to be completed faster. Moreover, you will have a wider choice of writers from which to choose for your order. Such a service will cost an additional $4.95 and can be purchased when the order is on a bidding status.

Writer Information

  • Where are you located? Where is my writer from?

    Our company is based in London, UK. The support team office is located in Kiev, Ukraine. hires writers from all over the world, both English-speaking and non-English speaking countries. If you want to know where a certain writer is from, you can ask such a question directly in chat.

  • How can I be sure the writers employed by you have passed evaluation?

    All the writers we employ have enough experience and skills in a particular field of study to perform satisfactorily. Each writer must pass several stages of evaluation and is supervised by the Writers Department. In addition, we employ a transparent rating system, so you can easily see how well the writer performs tasks. In order to choose the most capable writer, view the writer's rating and feedback from previous customers. Also pay attention to writer's style and attitude towards work.

  • What is writer's rating? How is it calculated?

    We created a writer's rating system to ensure clear competition among our writers and to let our customers choose from the best available writers, those who do their best to show good results. Every writer's rating is automatically calculated based on the votes of the previous customers, who rated the quality of writer's work and the level of cooperation. In addition, you can see the number of orders completed by the writer, which will give you a better idea of how many customers have rated this writer thus far, as well as the writer's level of experience.

  • What do writers' awards mean?

    We have introduced writers' awards to encourage our writers to work harder and to master their writing skills. This distinction also aids customers in choosing the most suitable writer out of the selection of available bids. There are several awards that can be granted to the writer. You can see all the awards as well as how many times each has been granted to the writer. Visit "Our top writers" page to see the combined rating of our top writers, along with all their awards. You can also find out more about our awards by visiting the "Rating & Awards" page.

  • What is writer's warning?

    The performance of every writer is closely monitored by our Quality Assurance team. This is done to assure that we employ the most qualified writers, those who do their best to make each customer satisfied with the results. However, if we encounter any difficulty with the writer, including plagiarism, missing the deadline, inappropriate communication in chat, or any other problems indicated by customers, we will conduct an investigation. Depending on the outcome, we may warn the writer and give one more chance to improve. In case there is no improvement, the writer's employment will be terminated.

Payment, Plagiarism, and Confidentiality Issues

  • How can I pay for my paper? Is it safe to submit payments through your site?

    You can use two methods of payment for your order. You can either load the needed sum of money to your account and then pay from the balance, or you may pay directly using PayPal. Using PayPal to submit your order is safe and secure.

  • How do I pay my writer? Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

    Each customer is the manager of his or her own order. That means it is your decision when to pay your writer. We recommend you pay your writer for each completed part of your order, when no further revisions or corrections are needed. As for the final payment, it should be released only after the entire order is completed and needs no further editing or revision, since it will be impossible to request a revision afterwards.

    Your order is automatically split into a certain amount of payments depending on the number of pages and the urgency of your order. If your order is, for example, 3 pages in length and the due date is set to 48 hours, your order will be automatically split into three parts so you can pay the writer after each part is completed. Your paper can be split into a maximum of 5 parts. So, if your paper is 25 pages long, you will need to pay for every five pages of your order. If the deadline is set to 48 hours or less, and your paper is 2 or more pages long, it will be divided into two parts. A one-page order will not be divided into parts, no matter what the due date is.

    The payment is made when you press the "Release" button. Note, that after pressing this button, your money cannot be reimbursed or refunded. For more information, visit our Money Back Guarantee page.

  • Is there a discount?

    Our main principle is to maintain a good balance between reasonable prices for customers and fair wages for writers. For that reason we try not to interfere in the process of bidding, so it can run on the free market basis. In our opinion, it is better to make our prices affordable for every customer than to make them lower on a selective basis.

  • How can I be sure my paper is original?

    There are two actions you can take to check whether your paper is free from plagiarism. One, you can use our additional service called "Plagiarism Check". You can use this feature an unlimited number of times, and it is completely free for our customers. We recommend you to use it every time the writer edits your text and adds new content. Another option available to you is to use any of the plagiarism-check services available online. is the one we recommend to you. However, feel free to use any services you know and can trust, for example, We recommend that you perform such a check from time to time. If you notice any incidents of plagiarism, let your writer know about it immediately. In such a case, ask the writer to revise the content immediately.

  • Is your service confidential?

    We guarantee our customers 100% confidentiality, unless they share their personal information with writers themselves. Since we cannot control your communication with the writer via online chat, we encourage you not to disclose your personal information to the writer and keep your communication within strict business limits. The writer may not know your name, e-mail address, or your phone number. By the way, sharing such information is against our Confidentiality Policy. We do guarantee that no information provided by you when filling out an order form will ever be disclosed to any third parties.

  • What will happen to an order if the payment is charged back?

    Unless you charge a certain amount from your account, it will be withdrawn from your account. However, if you charge back the amount that is larger than available on your balance, the progress of your order will be automatically stopped. You can resolve this issue by contacting our support team at anytime.