About Us

Our company has experience in the field of academic writing assistance for more than 7 years. Our goals are constantly evolving to satisfy our customers with the quality of our service. Thus, our working experience, customers' feedback, and market resources help us to create a unique online service – quizlets.live.

quizlets.live is an exclusive online academic writing assistance service that provides you with an opportunity to work with a writer towards accomplishing a task in a satisfactory manner. You can communicate with your writer directly via chat with no involvement of a third party. As a result, you can be a manager of your order from the first step to the last. Having many years of experience in academic writing assistance services, we understand that no individual can manage an order more effectively than the customers themselves.

With quizlets.live, you can:

  • Choose the most suitable writer for your particular task, keep track of your writer's progress, and offer suggestions to develop the paper to meet your needs or requirements.
  • Plan your budget by choosing the writer who charges the most reasonable price for your order and has enough experience and skills in the required field.
  • Evaluate the quality of your writer's work and share feedback with other customers to make it easier for them to choose the most proficient writer for their needs.

In addition, you do not have to pay anything in advance prior to choosing a writer who meets all your requirements. With such an approach, we can create a clear competition among our writers, which encourages them to strive for perfection.

The entire process is simple and transparent. First, once the order is placed, writers check the instructions and the due date. Then, they place their bids, taking into consideration the urgency and the complexity of the order. The price you view includes a service fee which is automatically added to the price. Writers who are interested in your order can demonstrate their level of skills and cooperation by completing a preview of your order. Taking into account all the factors mentioned above, you can select the best combination of a writer's skills and the cost.

However, it is clear that results are dependent on our customers as well. Their ability to articulate the instructions and willingness to cooperate with writers to make the whole process easier can directly affect the result. We encourage our customers to work with writers in an effective manner. For that reason we have created a customer rating system. Now, writers can rate each customer's level of cooperation. This system aids each writer in choosing a customer to work with after taking customer's rating into account.

quizlets.live offers a valuable service that allows our customers to collaborate with capable and skilled writers, who can easily resolve issues concerning academic writing. Our main goal is to help our customers, as well as writers, to be pleased with the results they receive. Be the one to experience all the advantages our service offers!