Money Back Guarantee users must pay only when the entire order or its part is completed. Load all the necessary funds to your personal account to pay the writer for completing parts of your order.

You can be refunded all the funds loaded to your personal account if they have not been used for a specific order. If you cancel the order, all funds used to pay for the order will be refunded to your account (excluding payments for the additional service "Featured Order"), until you proceed to the last stage/part of an order. However, only the amount which was not paid to the writer using the "Release" button can be reclaimed by you.

To request a refund, press the corresponding "Request a refund from your balance" button on your personal page ("My balance" tab). You can request a refund and receive money back only if your balance is positive. Once the order is finished, i.e. you have released the payment for this order, it is considered complete and is no longer eligible for a refund.