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Good academic essay writing depends on a number of factors. It is always important to follow specific guidelines and rules to write essays well. The following general academic writing help is provided for your convenience.

The Type of Essay Being Written

How you structure your essay and what kinds of details you include are dependent on the type of essay you are writing. There are several ways to organize various kinds of writing. You should choose one form of organization and carry through with it throughout your paper. A clearly organized paper will help your reader to follow and understand your train of thought as well as the relevancy of your ideas and supporting details.

Writing Your IntrodAcademic-Essay-Writinguction

Your introductory paragraph is exceptionally important. It is here that you establish the tone of your writing and provide your thesis statement. You begin with an interesting statement to capture the attention and interest of your intended audience. You provide a brief statement with background information for your topic, and you make clear the purpose of your paper through your thesis statement.

The Structural Body of the Essay
A main part of your essay consists of a few body paragraphs and one concluding paragraph. Each body paragraph should be 6 or more sentences in length. You should try to avoid writing short paragraphs with less than four sentences. The ideas and arguments that you generate in the outline are presented in your body paragraphs. Each main idea becomes a topic sentence for a body paragraph, and the supporting details are discussed in the body of that paragraph. Each paragraph should also have a concluding sentence.

Final Paragraph 


Your concluding paragraph should summarize what you presented in your essay. You should also restate the main ideas of your essay. This will remind your readers of the important points of your paper. In summary, the last sentences of your essay should confirm the thesis by restating the main ideas used to support the thesis.

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