Writing Help: How to End a College Essay


A conclusion is your last chance to convince your reader of your opinion. So, you should put much in jeopardy when writing a conclusion paragraph for your essay. The impact you put in your conclusion leaves a longstanding impression that will stay with the reader after reading your work. The ending paragraph should deliver a feeling of completeness. It should draw the line in your discussion. To write the best conclusion, check out our tips on writing a conclusion paragraph.


Don’t Forget to Mention the Main Points

Conclude the main arguments of the essay. You can do it if you try to restate your thesis statement in other words or by describing each concept individually. Make sure to put all the main ideas stated in the body paragraphs in your concluding paragraph. Make a synthesis of the ideas from your essay. Instead of writing your conclusion in a specific form of point restatement, use your conclusion to present how your concepts fit together.

Use Transitive Words

Represent your conclusion with such transitive phrases as “to sum up”, “in conclusion”, “in summary”, “all in all”, “in brief”, and “after all.” These phrases underline that the essay must come to the end.

Consider the Consequences of Your Arguments

Consider all possible implications of your argument. Think about what your argument suggests, implies, or involves. Don’t be afraid to make a new point in your conclusion related to your arguments. You can set up a new discussion and lead it to a different context.

Sum up with a Quotation

Try to conclude your final paragraph with a quotation from a primary or secondary source that expresses your point of view. For instance, you can use a quotation from a famous scholar or critic to confirm your point. Additionally, you may find help writing a conclusion paragraph from a book that you are writing. It can add concreteness to you discussion.

Put on Your Final Chord

Always write your final opinion on the topic in the conclusion. It may be in the form of a suggestion, recommendation, question, or statement and should be related to a topic. Your final comment may be related to a wider scope of ideas or everyday aspects that are beyond the essay topic.

What to do if You Don’t Understand How to End a College Essay

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