What Are the Elements of a Scientific Research Paper?

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The common structure of a scientific research paper ensures ease of reading, as readers can move quickly through research. All scientific research reports consist of a title, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, works cited and appendixes.


Make sure the title of your scientific research paper is informative, concise and understandable. The title must be on a cover page. Make it descriptive and concise, as the title tells the reader what effect you measured and on what organism.

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Abstracts are a quick way for readers to understand the research project. They are essential for controversial research topics. The intended audience should understand the abstract without reading the report.



The introduction is a brief section designed to inform the reader of the relevance of your research. It focuses on the overall problem or question your research addresses. You should provide sufficient background for the reader to understand your research.


This section describes the process you undertook to complete the research. Be precise, concise and complete, and include only relevant information – no excuses, anecdotes or confessions.


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This part of your paper should describe, and not interpret, the main findings of your experiment. Present the data using graphs and tables to reveal any trends that you found. Describe these trends to the reader. If you make good use of your graphs and tables, the results can be presented in several paragraphs.


In this section, interpret your results by analyzing and explaining the significance of your work. Your readers are looking for well-supported opinions, so think carefully about your findings.

Works Cited

If you reference an outside source in your report, you should cite where you found that source. You should also cite sources your reader may be unfamiliar with. Cite only material that you have read.

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Appendixes include the original data taken during the laboratory session. Keep it simple, even if you discuss controversial research topics. Don’t come to any conclusions that will alter the world.

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