The Advantages and Disadvantages of Campus Jobs

987e5d08498a811ec6d9e14d3b39b054Is it really worth it to work at your college while going to classes at the same time? The answer to this question is complex. Every job position if different and some will suit to your taste more than other. Here is a list of the typical on campus jobs.42344c0c35dff58ffe7e6e37e2b2a686

A Worker on the Kitchen

Advantages: you don’t need special skills or much intelligence for one of these campus jobs. You just need to be able to put plates of tacos to lines of students, and you will have this job. Additionally, you can get free meals on this job.

Disadvantages: You will be working in the food industry that is a lower tier job. It really sucks. It requires active physical activity, unpleasant communication with rude customers, and exposure to chemicals from table and dish cleaners. Not to mention awful smell. You should work there if you urgently need money and don’t have the time for anything better.


Assistant in the Library

Advantages: It is very quiet. Working librarian is a prestigious job in the college – everyone think that you are a book-read person, even if it is not so. You are going to deal with erudite part of college students, so customers will usually be respectful and well-bred. Moreover, employees might allow you study homework during your free time at the information desk.

Disadvantages: History, English, and Communication majors are in preference for this job position, so you can be not the first candidate. Additionally, knowledge of the DDS is necessary requirement. None of these problems are huge, though.



Advantages: If you like to smile all the time, the position is almost yours. Receptionist is one of the on campus jobs that require low skills: you will spend most of your time answering phone calls and searching for people in directories. If the size of your college is not small, there are certainly a lot of open receptionist positions, so competition won’t be very strong.

Disadvantages: This job is all about consulting people cheerfully. If you are not a social person, it will be hard to work as a receptionist. Moreover, it is necessary to work fast, because receptionists are considered as the college’s private search engine.


Teaching Assistant

Advantages: The salary is good enough, and every student is looking on you as a source of knowledge and their friend. If you are planning a career of a teacher, this is a good start.

Disadvantages: There will be a lot of things to do. Consider that you will correct the same tests hundred times. Moreover, professor wants you to act as an understudy. You have to consider all that and you should also have high grades also.

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