Taking Time for Yourself When you are a Parent and Student


For a parent, who is also a student, combining these two things sometimes seems like something impossible. How can parents combine a job, parenting and school; a time to cook, clean, study and taking time for yourself? Looks like a very difficult task. Difficult, maybe, but it’s viable. Check out ways to help parents and students to make a case.

Set Priorities

parent_studentUnderstand that there are many hours in a day. You don’t need to stress yourself to the point of exhaustion. You should develop a schedule. Determine which things are important to complete now, and which can be laid aside for the future. Do not feel upset putting off things that you can do later. Caring for yourself is not selfish. Think about this question: “How can you see about others, if you cannot take care of yourself?” The old phrase is that; if you won’t take care of yourself, then how can you take care of others? You know that is true.


parent-student-resources-imgWhy do we feel so guilty about doing it? It is because, as parents, our natural instinct is to put our kids first. We spend every day putting other people first; our mother, our boss, other people, the beggar on the street, the homeless kitty, and our kids. If you have children who are able to speak, how do you expect children to express all their wishes and desires to a tired parent?So, how can you start taking care of yourself? Just look in the mirror and ask the child in you what he, or she, needs and listen to that every day. If the child in you tells you that he, or she, is lonely, hungry, or tired – you should listen. No one except you can do it.

For instance, I like to take a hot bath, after I get my child to bed. Even if I know that it may be only for ten minutes, I turn off the light, light candles and lay there. When you have no time for a bath, read a book, go outside and breathe in air, or dance alone to music in your room. Find out what relaxes you the most and do it.

Hire a Baby Sitter

Ask families with whom you are acquainted, if they can recommend a reliable baby sitter to you. You can also ask your parents, if they can sit with your child for a several hours, while you enjoy our alone time. When you have settled that, visit a cinema – even if you have to do that alone. Or, you can purchase some take-out food and with your favorite DVD, relax at your house. Have that bath for which you didn’t have time, or go and get a manicure. At long last, go to a bar with your best friend. Do what you need to feel relaxed.parent

When you find how to take care of yourself and prioritize, you’ll become more focused on your studies and your child will enjoy going home, and seeing his mother happy and ready to play.

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