Earn Some Extra Cash with College Student Summer Jobs


Summer is a great time of the year to get a tan, have fun and hang out with your friends. However, it is also a great chance to earn some extra cash. You can choose to spend your summer doing something productive that can boost your income. Therefore, we developed a list of summer jobs for college students, to help you find a way to make some extra cash.

A Freelance Writer

If you choose to work as a freelance writer, it can teach you invaluable writing and research skills. You will also learn how to write brief articles, as well as more comprehensive ones. While working as a freelance writer, you should develop your own issue that you are good at – an issue in which you are interested enough to spend a lot of time with, and to work hard at.



To work as a bartender is probably the first thought in the heads of most college students, who are seeking a summer job for college students. However, it is not the best paying one (it depends on the amount of tips. This position will fit you, if you are a night person; but, working night hours can be tiring sometimes.

Baby Tender

Busy parents in business, who have kids, will certainly pay a huge sum of money for a good baby sitter who knows how to deal with a crying child. Furthermore, besides having a high salary, you can spend the summer break being nostalgic about your childhood, while doing fun activitie. As a baby tender, you will develop such skills as creativity and responsibility. In case you want to be a doctor, teacher, or a therapist, to be able to properly communicate with kids is a must.


It is better to spend your summer outdoors and you can certainly accomplish this, if you decide to work as a landscaper. Work requirements differ, depending on the employer; but, most of the time you will be asked to drive the equipment around and arrange the gardens.


Most of the internships are unpaid, and some are offering miserly monetary compensation – a minimal sum for the hours spent on the job. But, we all know that an internship is more than just money, right? If you pass an internship program in a company, it can be a sure way to have a “welcome” ticket when you, as a graduate student, apply to that company for a job.

In fact, an internship in your occupation can put you at an advantage over other applicants. Your internship experience will show your knowledge, your drive and occupational experience. Of course, success in your college education is vital, but most of the employers want much more than that.

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