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Nowadays, the system of electronic payments plays a significant role in every citizen’s life. Every day we have to contact with automated teller machines. Moreover, people do not even notice how this process passes. Nevertheless, there are so many risky aspects in using automated teller machines .That is why, the central idea of this topic is to describe the main security features of ATM and to reveal their importance in modern life.

Unfortunately, the desire of intruders to steal money is too strong. As a result, they invented many methods to damage the security systems of automated teller machines. Therefore, all banks understand that the security of automated teller machines is one of the main points of their professional work. As one famous scientist said : “ As much stronger the security of our systems is as much longer our clients will need us” (Vesala, 1995). The most common automated teller machines security devices are cameras that can record the whole operation process that are flowed with automated teller machines. There are many technologies that can prevent customers from being skimmed and cannot allow intruders to find out personal information about a client or his credit card. Furthermore, a great amount of the automated teller machines is equipped with GPS-navigation systems that can clearly show the condition of automated teller machines any time and place.

In addition, we can see how important the security systems of automated teller machines are. Because without them we can lose not only money, but personal information. As a result, it can be dangerous for our security in the nearest future.

Consequently, now we can realize all the importance of security systems in the modern world. It is an excellent equipment to keep our information private. In spite of this fact we also have to pay attention to such important point of our life as safeness. In other words, the security systems support is a great opportunity to protect our money and individual information from unauthorized access, in case we really want it.


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