Ways to Find Good Business Schools for You


Every student loves business schools rankings. They come with great headlines, they are fun and they are competitive. However, they are a bit like political opinion polls. Of course, business schools rankings are a nice way to start, and they give you some examples of which good business schools to start exploring. But, they won’t tell you where the best place is for you. This is up to you to decide.

So, from the moment you start thinking about the best business school for you, it’s time to conduct some research. As you carry out your research, visit business schools and communicate with people there, you’ll build your own opinion about each school. In this way, you can prioritize your school list and concentrate on those applications, rather than apply to many different schools and hope for the best. Keep this in mind and read our tips to find your potential business school.B-Schools

Form a Wish List

Consider what you are looking for in a school, other than a high ranking. You can include in your list anything from programs that satisfy your future career goals, to dog-friendly colleges. Compose your “must have” list and keep it with you when you are selecting your potential school. For instance, Stanford University has the highest cost of any full-time MBA program.

Delve Deeply into Every School’s Websitecity

A business school’s website can tell you more than the cost of tuition, or application deadlines. Especially, if you pay attention to content that was created by students, their blogs and video material can give you a great understanding of a school’s culture.

Also, you should explore the curriculum, faculty and electives. Find out if a company has special research centers, such as green technology, global health, or entrepreneurship center. The more you explore, the more facts you’ll find about how the school sees itself.

Remember When Your School Visits Your Area

London-Business-School-LDN.365Admissions officers are planning their schedules for the summer. So, don’t miss a chance when they come to your home area. You should constantly check up schools’ websites for ongoing events, or subscribe to a mailing list. This is a good chance to compile a list of schools that you need to visit. When a chosen school organizes an event, you should prepare a list of questions to ask admissions officers and recent graduates.

You can also discover a list of schools by visiting MBA fairs and panels. This format doesn’t require deep research of each program, but may put you in touch with a new school you hadn’t heard about before.

If you are a parent and a student and planning to attend a business school, it is important to learn how to combine these two responsibilities. You can find out all necessary recommendations in my next post for parents and students.

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