How to Make a Strong Case Study Analysis

A case study analysis is a process of solving actual administrative issues through decision making. In most examples of case studies, the reader should take the place of a CEO, in order to help solve a particular problem. All case studies require making a particular decision.

There is no exact rule in solving a case study, but there are general approaches that most academics recommend.

–          Read different examples of case studies, before you start solving yours. It will help you to understand how case studies can be resolved.

–          Read a case study in detail and then analyze it. When you are analyzing a case study you should: define the problem, analyze the case data, consider possible alternatives, select the best one and develop an action plan.

–          Define a problem statement. The main problem issue of the case study, is a clear and concise statement of what needs to be solved.


–          Analyze information in the case study. You should try to determine the effect of the problems identified in the study, relevant stakeholders in the situation, and what constraints and opportunities are related to this situation. It is also important to look at numbers, which were given in the case study, and estimate their relevance to the problem identified.

–          Make a key decision. You should decide which alternative variant is the best one to solve a case study.

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